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If you’re a new parent or curious about to know what are bedside cribs and how they can benefit babies, then this article is going to provide you each and every detail about bedside cribs and will clear all your skepticism whether they could benefit or not.

We’ll tell you what bedside cribs are, what are the features a bedside crib has, what’re the types of bedside cribs, The reason of their introduction, benefits related to bedside cribs and co-sleeping, and how can you grab a best bedside crib or sleeper.

What are Bedside Cribs?

Safe sleeping guidance says, newborn should sleep in the same room for the first six months, but obviously not in parents bed, due to the risk of suffocation and over-heating, so for this reason bedside cribs are the best options you could find to give your baby all comfort and his/her own space while sleeping.

Bedside crib is actually a baby cot with well designed features. These cribs are made in a style so they could be user-friendly, convenient and easy to use. Bedside cribs are also referred to as bedside sleepers or bedside bassinets. These cribs are manufactured in a way so they could get attached with the adult or the parent bed, allowing newborns to sleep next to their parents without bed sharing.

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This is a form of safe co-sleeping, and has little risks associated with sudden infant death syndrome, that usually cause because of bed sharing. The reason of making bedside cribs was to practice the activity of rooming-in, to keep the baby close by the parent bed. This activity was first introduced in the hospitals to keep infant bed attached to the mother’s bed, giving her time to develop a stronger bond with her baby.

A bedside crib is defined by United States Government as “a rigid frame assembly secured to an adult bed that is intended to provide a sleeping environment for infants.”

Features of a Bedside Crib:

Usually baby cribs are made of wood, making sure that they are all strong and safe. But despite of being made from wood; they are not heavy and can be placed or moved from one place to other. You can even take them while you’re travelling because of their folding in and folding out feature. But not all the baby cribs are prepared of wood, there’re some baby cribs that consist of aluminum frame or high density polyethylene which makes the baby crib strong but light weighted.

Baby cribs usually come with separate parts and then you’ve to assemble those parts to give it a proper shape. But don’t worry! The installation of a baby crib is so easy and simple that it gets done in just few minutes.

The bed base of mostly baby cribs is generously proportioned, that gives the crib longer duration of use. The height of the crib is set according to the height of the parent bed, which tells how portable baby cribs are. Usually all bed cribs come with the mattress made up of polyester foam fabric, the most safest and soft mattress ever with a detachable and washable zipper cover and mattress pads as well. Mostly all baby cribs are multi-functional, means they provide multi-mode, both rock and stable mood.

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Rock Mood: To provide baby comfort and fun

Stable Mood: when baby is asleep.


Another feature that mostly baby cribs have is a breathable mesh side that provides airflow and ensures baby is always seen. Not only this with a zip-down side it becomes easy to feed and comfort baby at night.

Types of Bedside Cribs:

Bedside cribs could be used in two styles or types, as a bedside bassinet and a sleeper.

 Bedside Bassinet:

A bedside bassinet will in general have four sides, similar to regular baby crib. It can be placed close to the guardians’ bed as an unattached bedside bassinet, or appended to the bed. This plan permits guardians to effectively take care of their babies during the night.

 Bedside Sleeper:

A bedside sleeper is similar to the bedside bassinet except it has three sides, which permits the child to rest at a similar tallness as the parents and there would be no problem in reaching out for the baby. Bedside sleepers permit parents to keep the infant close without it sleepy in the dimensional space of the adult bed.

Why Bedside cribs were introduced?

It was said that co-sleeping is a beneficial and an ancient practice where babies sleep close to their parents despite of in different rooms, and one of the most famous practice of co-sleeping is bed sharing, which can be dangerous and can cause infant’s death due to suffocation or over-heating.

After this problem a new approach came, which was sleeping in the same room but on different surfaces. And this was the reason when bedside cribs started to introduce, assisting parents in many ways.

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Benefits Related to Bedside cribs:

Having your baby sleeping in your room can be gainful for both you and your baby. You can watch out for them and realize that, as you rest, your child is in a similar room having a decent rest.

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Safer method of co-sleeping: Cribs expel mishap hazards and accident risks from equation, as they can slot next to your bed in their own space and allow your child to sleep safely and serenely.

 Promote breastfeeding: A study shows that babies who sleep in the same room with their parents, breastfed three times longer than the babies who sleep in separate rooms.


How to grab a best bedside crib or sleeper?

If you’re discovering a bedside crib for your little champ and its being so difficult for you to decide or you are still curious about how to get one, then you can go to online stores where you can find varieties of baby cribs best for your need.

Talking about online stores, Amazon comes first. Just go to Amazon’s store and you’re gonna find immense type of baby cribs, sleepers, bassinets etc whatever you would prefer. And all of them would be suitable and preferable.

So why waste time! Just go to Amazon and Get the Best bedside crib according to your need and want