Top 7 Best Bike Rack for Jeep Wrangler – Review & Guide 2020

In a world where you see a car around every corner, having a bicycle really makes a difference. For those who have it will know it is more than just two wheels, it can be your assistance in traveling, exercising, racing, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, etc.

Following this, the need for bicycles has been there ever since. There are people who would still prefer to ride a bicycle than to order a cab. Bicycles have been exported and imported for such people since their invention, and one of the easiest and reliable ways to do so is by using a bike rack.

Why Should I Get a Bike Rack?

Whether you want to carry the bicycle for a picnic or for a business sale, a bike rack is the safest and the most secure way to do that. Imagine having to rent a car to deliver your bicycle, or to move it to a friend’s house. Unfair, right?

To make it fair, get a bike rack that will help you to take the bicycle anywhere with you, without you having to adjust it in your car, renting another car, or riding it yourself.

You will need a bike rack especially if you own a jeep wrangler. That jeep and a bike rack go perfectly together with each other. This article’s main focus is on some of the best bike racks for jeep wranglers, so if you’ve one in your porch, this is your place to start from.

If you are a bike lover, then all you want is to keep them safe during your journey. There is where the bike rack comes in again; for the ultimate safety of your bike. This 2020 jeep wrangler bike rack review will help you in deciding the best bike rack for jeep wrangler for yourself. We have evaluated a product that made it as editor’s top pick based on the best features.

Editor's Pick

☞ built-in lock at each arm edge
☞ capacity of 2 bike of weight 120 lbs
☞ require some assembling
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Things Need to Consider

Before you head out to buy a bike rack for your jeep, there are few factors to consider to help you land on the best bike rack.


Security is one of the most important things to look for. You should know that the product you selected has the ability of anti-theft protection that ensures the safety of your bikes.


The selected bike rack must be compatible with your vehicle along with the frame of your bike. As an advice, don’t consider tire mounted bike racks that can damage your car rim or your bikes.


The capacity of a bike rack refers to the number and the weight of the bikes that it can hold. More often than not, it depends on the consumers. Normally, it can hold more than a pair of bikes along with yourself. Rear tire bike racks are adaptable and come with extensions, so there’s always room to make adjustments.

After you’ve taken the above points into consideration, it’s time to carry out a comparison. Does that mean switching from tab to tab? No, that just means scrolling down!

Preview of Best Bike Rack for Jeep Wrangler

Above mentioned things must consider before making any purchase. After the research, we pick up these top 7 best bike rack for jeep wrangler you can select the one you needed.

ImageNameRatingCheck price

☞ built-in lock at each arm edge
☞ capacity of 2 bike of weight 120 lbs
☞ require some assembling
5.0/5Check Price
Hollywood Racks SR1

☞ fully assemble
☞ capacity of 2 bikes of weight 35 lbs per bike
☞ locking knob secure rack
4.5/5Check Price

☞ easy to install
☞ 60 inches locking cable
☞ reliable
4.0/5Check Price
Allen sports deluxe 2

☞ made with durable material
☞ tie-down individually
☞ easy to install
3.5/5Check Price
SportRack SR2813B

☞ hold 3 vehicals
☞ life-time warranty
☞ easy to use
3.5/5Check Price
Succor bt300

☞ weather prof
☞ 3 bike capacity
☞ easily assembled or removed
3.0/5Check Price

☞ carry mountain bikes easily
☞ sturdy aluminum material
☞ clamps ensure security
3.0/5Check Price

1. THULE T2 PRO XT (Editors First Choice)


  • The rack has the capacity of carrying 2 bikes of weighs 120 lbs.
  • This product maintains the 12.5-inch distance between bikes.
  • Compatible with one key system.


  • Installation is simple and does not need any tools for installation.
  • The bike attachment mechanism is secure and reliable.
  • Due to the inbuilt locking system, its security level is high as compared to others.
  • It is compatible with different car models, bike types, and tire sizes.


  • The cable lock is shorter in length
  • Limited sideways adjustments

Thule is a Sweden based company and one of the leading manufacturers of bike accessories and racks. The high-quality rack comes with integrated cable locks and a tilt lever. It is capable of carrying any type of bike. The rack can hold the weight of two 60 pounds bikes. Moreover, the unique feature of jeep wrangler hitch bike rack is that it can carry two-wheelers without an adapter. You can use it to take fat bikes, mountain bikes, kids, bikes, and road bikes.

This requires some setup; It’s a bit longer than other bike racks can take up to 25 minutes. Loading and unloading of the bike is an easy task with a tilt lever. It is located at the pivot point of the rack to easily lifting and lowering of bikes.


Customer reviews

Itsis made in the united states of America so quality is perfect. It has the capability of carrying 50 lbs of 2 electric bikes.

2. Hollywood Racks SR1 (Runner up)


  • Two Bike capacity of Max. 35 lbs per bike.
  • Universal adapter plate fits most lug patterns.
  • The locking knob is given help to secure rack.


  • You can fold bike support arms when not in use.
  • This bike support arms easily adjustable for side-mounted tires
  • Its tie-down strap help in transport bike safely.


  • Expensive rack.
  • It is not able to fit in every vehicle.

It has 2 bike capacity; SR 2 includes three different extension tubes to fix spare tires of size up to 12/ ½ inches wide and adjust the center of the bike. The two vertical arms and two horizontal arms support your bike as they fit against your spare tire. This Hollywood bike rack review helps you in shaping your decision.

The bolt-on spare tire rack is easily adjustable in a minute; the company knew that assembling needs a lot of time, so they made jeep spare tire bicycle rack, which is almost assembled. You will bolt all the more pieces in just a few minutes. Just remind one thing when you start assembling place the rack on a flat surface.


Customer reviews

You can lock your bike with the help of cable and wire as they do not have any locking mechanism, so your bike can be stolen.

3. YAKIMA (Third Best Option)


  • 60-inch locking cable
  • It offers 2 extensions with oversize tires
  • Locking knob secures your bikes.


  • Its design is durable, versatile, and reliable.
  • Zip strip makes loading and unloading easy.
  • Two bikes fit comfortably without any issue.
  • Easily to install


  • Cradles hold the bike from the top so your expensive frames can be damaged.
  • A separate adapter is used to secure mountain bikes.

This modern jeep wrangler bike rack also has the capacity of 2 bikes uniquely secure the bikes; its design is sophisticated and unique as this is made up of steel and powder-coated finish prevents it from rusting.

It comes with a complete locking mechanism, and you can use it with other Yakima products. The universal mount plate easily mounts the rack off-center or at the center.

Yakima’s strong-arm feature makes it a unique product; it offers 3 fully movable zip strips that secure your bike in the cradle on the bike rack. They design hold up to prevent contact with the bike frame.


Customer reviews

Yakima is compatible with hitch racks.

4. Allen sports deluxe 2



  • This product has a lifetime guarantee
  • Carry two bikes at a time of weight 70 lbs.
  • Its tie-down feature individually secure bike
  • Its extra-wide bottom foot support protects your car rim.


  • Made up with durable materials
  • Powder-coated to preventing rust.
  • Easy to installed
  • No need to worry about paint scuffing


  • its cradle can damage the fragile carbon frame.
  • Arms are not adjustable
  • Arms are not collapsible so that you may face the problem

This jeep wrangler spare tire bike rack is one of the most inexpensive product, and have 15 inches arm carry both bikes of weight 70 LBS easily. It’s specific patented design carry bike above from road

Assembling this product is easy can be done in just a few seconds. It is one of the unique bike racks for jeeps is made up of metal that is durable with lots of versatile features. This is lightweight. To avoid any accident, You need to fix the bottom tightly.

The individual tie-down cradle also helps in securing the bikes when you are on your journey. You do not need to bring any modification in your car as you can see its design is simple and unique, so it is easily fit in your cars. This tire mount bike rack prevents damage to your rim with the help of extra-wide bottom foot supports, not bring any pressure on the rim of your car. It then provides excellent supports to your bike.


Customer reviews

It fit in 2016 jeep wrangler that is al least 33 inches high.

5. SportRack SR2813B


  • It is attached to a spare tire for bike sport.
  • Securely holds 3 vehicles at a time.
  • It has oversized over tubes (2 ½ inches or less )
  • Comes with the lifetime warranty
  • The maximum weight is 132 lbs.
  • Do not fit with a trailer or towed vehicle.


  • Easy to use
  • Attached with every size of the vehicle
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Reliable product


  • None

The sport Rack SR2813B has a spare tire that looks like Bike Rack, which is very easy to use. This rack is selected from the jeep spare tire bike racks that are capable of taking your bike’s exterior trials safely and making your bike or car more comfortable.

It is easily fit with all types of bike frames and comes with admitting oversized tubes. At one time, it holds up to three bikes and for bike sport attached with the spare tires.

Its process of installation is not an easy task. You need a lot of specific tools for its set up. Sport Rack has rotating clamps with rubber padding which hold the bike and provide the rider proper safety. Its length is 32 inches; height is 6.6 inches, 16 inches, and weight 19 pounds.


Customer reviews

It easily fits with 2011 RAV4.

6. Succor bt300


  • It provides a high-quality jeep wrangler bike rack.
  • Weather condition does not affect them.
  • Provide your long term facility without any effect.
  • It can be stored easily for later use.


  •  the best quality of rack to secures you from scratches.
  • It was made by Excellent quality of steel construction.
  • It comes with a warranty of 90 days.


  • Some time loading of 3 bike rack is more difficult at once time.
  • You cannot fold the bike support arm when not in use.
  • Not much Expensive rack.
  • It cannot be fit in 2006 or the latest vehicles.

This is the best bike carrier that you need for the safety of transporting the bikes. It has 3 bike capacity with locking bike rack to the help of top plate which secures them in transport. This rack is made up of excellent quality of steel construction finish with a durable coat of black powder.

With its heavy-duty mounting top plate, any Jeep spare tire bike rack can be attached. The weight of the bike rack is 5 lbs. It has a measurement of 43″ x 14.5″ x 6″. Succor, bt300  is easily installed or removed when you did not use it.

At once time three bikes can be carry because of its higher capacity. This bike rack tightly fits into the back to reduce road vibration and rattling. To clamping the bt300 bike rack with the help of threaded bolts not so easy, which takes time for loading the bike rack and also unloading.

Its stability features help to use in bikes and vehicles efficiently. Bt300 is the product of the USA.


Customer reviews

It didn’t fit in 2002 wrangler of mine.

7. CargoLoc 2-Piece 52″ Aluminum Roof Top


  • It has a holding capacity of 150 lbs. so you can easily carry mountain bikes
  • For its security, they made clamps for heavy-duty material that makes your bikes safe.
  • Its side rails fit vehicles with a gap of 46” between the side rail


  • Made up of sturdy aluminum material
  • Prevents rusting
  • Great lockable features
  • Lightweight


  • Sometimes, the locking mechanism causes the fall of your products.

It is made up of rigid aluminum, has a capacity of holding all types of favorite stuff wit your self while traveling. This roof racks for jeep wrangler unlimited fit all the types of cargo. Its security mechanism is amazing, with the lockable feature that makes it the best bike rack for jeep wrangler.

It is one of the top-rated products from the roof racks with the capacity of holding 150 lbs.

All the components of the rack are made with material that ensures durability and can work for an extended period.


Customer reviews

It easily fits in Toyota sienna 2014.


After the research and survey of our experts, these products are selected that are mentioned above. This authentic information will help you in shaping your decision related to the best bike rack for jeep wrangler. All the feature’s pros and cons are mentioned in detail. We wish you enjoy the benefit of these bike carriers for jeep wrangler as, without any damage, they easily transport your bikes. These are the real value of money, so invest your money wisely so, do not waste time and select one that you needed according to your budget.


What is the best bike rack for a Jeep Wrangler?

Thule T2 Pro XT is the best bike rack for jeep wrangler. It can easily carry two bikes without any adapter. Not only its material and quality make it unique. It requires no tools for its set up.

Can you put a roof rack on a Jeep Wrangler?

Yes, you can surely do that if you have a roof rack system. Although there is no such product, you can use a Thule roof rack as a roof rack system.

Can you put a roof rack on a Jeep?

The roof rack designs for a harsh environment, and they come along with a lot of accessories and tool holders to its set up.

How much is a bike rack?

The bike rack for jeep cost between 40$ to 100$, but some racks are available in the market between 300$ to 600$ its depends on the consumer’s need and budget which one they select.

What is the easiest bike rack to use?

Hollywood Racks SR2 Bolt-On Spare Tire Rack is the easiest bike rack. It is fully assemble bike rack. You can set it up within a few minutes without facing any problem. It adjusts the center of the bikes and holds two bikes easily.