Top 8 Best underground wire locator – Buying guide 2020

If you’re in a process of excavation and finding a device that could help you in locating buried wires, then underground electrical wire locator is something that is highly recommended.

Wire locator is used to trace buried electrical wires, broken underground wires, underground electrical fault or other underground cable TV wires etc.

It doesn’t only save time but also cash by finding hidden wire’s path as well as their depth easily, rapidly and precisely.

These underground electric wire locators are way more powerful in comparison with the general wire tracers because they use the new technology of greater electrical signal transmission and advanced receiving device.

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In addition to the fact that it prevents you from burrowing an off-base zone, yet this wire locator will likewise show you the breaks that may happen to your wires.

Rather than burrowing for a very long time, this accommodating device will show precisely where the break is.

It won’t be wrong if I say that finding the best underground wire locator could be a complex and time taking task. For this reason we have enlisted the top best underground wire locators that really could save your life by minimizing the risk of damage.

 Noyafa NF-816-C Underground Cable Wire Locator 
☑ 200kHz Tone Frequency
☑ 2 Feet depth distance
☑ 1000 Feet length distance
Check Price9.5/10
Kolsol Underground Wire Locator
☑ 8 ounces weight
☑ Lithium ion battery
☑ Maximum depth distance of 3 feet
Check Price9.5/10
Mastech Ms6818 for Underground Cable Pipe Locator
☑ Lithium ion battery
☑ 55 pounds weight
☑ 12 to 400 AC/DC voltage cable
Check Price9/10
Tempo 501 Tracker II Cable Locator
☑ Maximum accuracy
☑ 7 pounds of weight
Check Price9/10
Tempo Communications 521A Wire and Valve Locator 
☑ 12 lbs. weight
☑ High power transmitter
☑ Visual Indications
Check Price8.5/10
Seesii MS6818 Wire Tracker
☑ Compact
☑ Self Inspection
☑ 3.26 lbs. weight
Check Price8/10
Amprobe AT-3500 Underground Cable Locator
☑ CE and ACMA compliant
☑ 33 kHz active frequency
Check Price8/10

Factors must consider before buying an underground wire locator

There’re some factors that you must consider before buying an underground wire locator to find underground cable tv wire because you won’t want to change your locator after every single month.


You must know how capable is the transmitter is in locating the buried wires.

The frequency of an underground wire locator ranges from 1 kHz to 33 kHz, while 1 kHz is considered as low frequency while 33 kHz is high frequency of the locator.

Detection Mode

Make sure the locator can switch from passive to active mode, when required.


It is important to verify how deeply the device can locate the wires.


If you want more professional underground wire locator, then it must possess a screen that can show easily the moving graphics underneath the ground and assist to determine the buried wires.


The sticky receiver will be valuable for a long finding. It forestalls the back agony that may happen in light of the fact that you need to twist around along the way.

Top 7 best underground wire locator

 Noyafa NF-816-C Underground Cable Wire Locator 

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Key Features
  • Tone frequency of 200kHz
  • Maximum length distance of 1000 feet
  • Maximum depth distance of 2 feet
  • 70Ma of Maximum working current
  • Battery type: DC9. 0Vx 1pc
  • Dimension: 49 x 135 x 33mm

This wire locator can allows you to find the profundity around 2 ft with the length around 1000 ft. It is so easy to use.

This ideal underground cable locator is very helpful in locating the broken wires or other wire connections underneath the ground in just few seconds with accuracy.

Finding break in underground wire is extremely easy with this underground wire tracer locator.

This underground wire tracer is really a financial limit inviting underground wire locator which as of now costs you under $50. This is a pleasant section level item you would give a go.

What’s more, it likewise accompanies an earphone for exact hearing and quite work.

It uses DC9. 0Vx 1pc battery time that could locate the wires within the maximum length of 1000 feet with the maximum depth of 2 feet.

Customers Review

  • Worked like a charm! Very helpful in locating buried wires.

Kolsol Underground Wire Locator

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Key Features
  • Maximum length distance of 1000 feet
  • Maximum depth distance of 3 feet
  • Time and Money Saver
  • Lithium ion battery
  • 8 ounces weight

This underground wire locator works with the help of direct-join approach. So you need to join the ground wire of the transmitter to the soil. The crimson wire might be related to the twine to be located.

It easily locates pet fence wires, metal wires, metal pipes, electrical wires etc. This works for single-core and double-core wire only. It tends to be a wire locator as opposed to a cable locator.

This weighs only 15.8 ounces. It contains Lithium ion battery.

These Underground Wire Locators can locate the wires up to 1000 feet of length with 3 feet of distance.

Customer Review
  • Used this product to locate sprinkler system wiring and valve boxes which were buried under the grass and it worked flawlessly. This is best for finding break in underground wire as well.

Mastech Ms6818 for Underground Cable Pipe Locator 

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Key Features
  • Transmitter cable detector
  • Receiver cable detector
  • 55 pounds weight
  • Lithium ion battery
  • 12 to 400 AC/DC voltage cable

It is used to find open cables in the wall or earth. this is used to shorts conduit under the floor, etc.

These wire locators can also identify the voltage of cable. The tracking will be completely loaded by means of the screen with interactive information at the same time as running.

The underground cable pipe locator is able to locate both energized and un-energized cord varies from 12 to 400 AC/DC voltage cable.

So, it meets the locating from communique cable to electric lines. The purchase of this underground utility locating equipment rental is a win-win decision. As, it could work for hundred of applications.

Customer Review               

  • Tried this for the first time by reading the underground utility locating equipment reviews and totally impressed by the work.

Tempo 501 Tracker II Cable Locator

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Key Features
  • 7 pounds of weight
  • Resin Material
  • Maximum length distance of 4000 feet
  • Maximum depth distance of 7 feet
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Maximum accuracy
  • Audio and Visual indications

This uses a trace underground electrical wire to trace the path. It determines the depth of wires and metallic pipes on active or dead systems without having to deactivate the system.

So it is the best broken underground wire locator. The receiver offers audible and visible indicators of signal strength. Its receiver is light weighted ans easy to carry.

The transmitter output and receiver sensitivity are absolutely adjustable for maximum accuracy. It gives 3 strategies of connection: direct, inductive coupler and inductive antenna to get the maximum effectiveness of the work.

It can assist you to trace underground electric wire distanced up to 4000 feet from the transmitter with the maximum depth of 7 feet.

Customer Review
  • I like it a lot better. If you think on how a metal detector works this will work great for you.
  • The best underground electrical wire detector.
  • Amazing work done by this underground electrical fault locator.

Tempo Communications 521A Wire and Valve Locator 

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Key Features
  • High power transmitter
  • Adjustable transmit power
  • Visual Indications
  • Long-nose receiver wand
  • Valve solenoid ‘hotspot’ signals
  • 1 year warranty
  • 12 lbs. weight

This wire locator includes high power transmitter that offers extended long range. This underground electrical fault locator allows you to use it on higher resistance wire paths.

This broken underground wire locator contains adjustable transmit power. It allows you to select the best signal for maximum performance to locate any kind of underground wire.

This underground electrical wire detector’s receiver provides adjustable loudspeaker audio, headset audio and visual indications of signal strength. This allows you to identify wires and valves easily.

The long receiver wand of locator makes it simple for you to move along rapidly to find even the longest wire way. Its valve solenoid ‘hot spot’ signal makes pinpointing valves simple and tough earphones square encompassing noise.

With the automatic shut-off feature you won’t have to ponder about dead batteries or to think whether you’ve switched off the unit or not. It is always ready to use when needed.

Customer Review
  • Works great! Very Happy!

Seesii MS6818 Wire Tracker

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Key Features
  • Self inspection
  • LCD screen for user interface
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Flash light
  • Back light
  • Compact
  • Durable
  • Portable
  • Additional transmitters to extend multiple signals
  • Mute mode
  • 3.26 lbs weight
  • Transmitter Maximum distance: 2000m
  • Receiver Maximum DISTANCE: 2000m

This Wire Tracker is ideal underground cable locator. It is entirely compact instrument that comprises of a transmitter and a collector.

With cutting edge incorporated parts and computerize circuit advances, it is described by exceptionally steady and solid electrical execution.

This buried cable detector rental wire is used for development media transmission links, power links and building pipelines.

This tracker can also work with mute mode and can transmit maximum distance up to 2000 m and receives maximum distance of 2000 m.

This tracker consists of flash light  as well as back light to benefit customers in every possible way.

With the self inspection feature, it can examine its own working. It uses the LCD screen to transfer the signals in to visual form for user interface.

With the portable and ergonomic design, it is one of the most durable underground wire locator. The compact size makes it more easy to use. It is far better than greenlee underground cable locator.

Customer Review
  • Saw this ridgid locator for sale and after having it i love it .
  • This cable locator for sale is portable and compact in size.
  • Best underground cable break locator. Awesome!

Amprobe AT-3500 Underground Cable Locator

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Key Features
  • 33 kHz active frequency
  • CE and ACMA compliant
  • Two passive testing modes
  • One active testing mode
  • Measures maximum depth up to 16 feet
  • Semi-automatic gain control
  • Precise pinpointing of buried services

If you want to find buried electrical wires which are damaged, then this is a great product for you. This Locator helps you to identify underground cables, pipes and wires.

Its inventive plan permits the AT-3500 to quantify depths up to or surpassing 16 feet. The transmitter works at a 33  kHz frequency signal. It gives the most solid outcomes to most finding applications.

This locator likewise accompanies an association link for interfacing the transmitter to the covered channel, link, or wire to be followed.

In any circumstances, This can be utilized in various modes for ideal following. The passive force mode finds stimulated wires with a 50/60 Hz recurrence. It doesn’t require a transmitter.

This locator’s transmitter has two signal strength settings.

The low-output 0.1 W signal strength setting conserves battery life. The high-output 0.5 W signal strength setting enables long distance tracing to easily locate underground wires, cables or pipes etc.

With this underground wire locator reviews, you can know more.

Customer Review
  • Very accurate and amazing tool. Totally in Love!
  • Best electrical wire finder tool


We know how difficult it is to choose the best underground wire locator so  we have assembled the top best underground wire locator reviews in the above mentioned list.

So, it would be easy for you to select the one according to your need and want for locating the underground wires or pipes etc.

Check out our website for underground wire locator companies where you might find even more cable locators for sale.


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